Mobile Game Roundup: Skylanders SuperChargers, Pop Dash and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? There are lots of new options available, like Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, a new JRPG from Kobojo which sees players become a soldier on a quest to save the world from evil.

Outplay Entertainment also launched its newest game this week: Bubble Genius. The bubble shooting game asks players to help an inventor named Penny defeat an evil scientist who has stolen Penny’s bubble generator, and is using it to cause problems around town.

Looking for something else to play? Here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week.

Skylanders SuperChargers (Free on iOS) – After its release on home consoles earlier this year, Skylanders SuperChargers has officially launched on iOS devices. From Vicarious Visions and Activision Publishing, the latest installment in the toys-to-life franchise introduces players to new vehicles for land, sea and air gameplay. In addition to an adventure game experience (which supports online two-person cooperative play via Game Center), Skylanders SuperChargers also includes online multiplayer racing for up to four players. The game is free to download (it offers the first level as a free trial), and includes two free digital characters, Instant Spit Fire and Instant Hot Streak. Players can purchase additional digital characters, as well as the full game unlock, via in-app purchase (the full game unlock costs $39.99). Users can also purchase the physical Starter Pack for $74.99, which includes a Bluetooth portal for using physical toys in the game (including those from past games in the franchise), as well as a Bluetooth controller, two Skylanders SuperChargers character figures and one vehicle figure. Finally, owners of the physical mobile edition of the last Skylanders game, Skylanders Trap Team, have the option to purchase Skylanders SuperChargers digitally, and use their existing Bluetooth portal to bring their physical characters and vehicles into this new game. Skylanders SuperChargers is also available to play on the new Apple TV.

Eternal Arena (Free on iOS, Android) – From NetEase, this action RPG sees players create and control teams of three heroes, each with different abilities, on a quest to save the world of Etryna from a villain known as the Master. The game sees players completing single-player dungeons using a virtual joystick for movement and buttons for normal attacks and skills. Eternal Arena offers 35 playable characters, as well as customizable equipment. In addition to the main single-player mode, players have access to daily missions, while social features include guilds and real-time player-vs-player challenges.

Skootch (Free on iOS) – From Kooque Studios, this word game challenges players to create words by either dragging the next given letter title to the board, or moving an existing letter tile to another spot on the board (either horizontally or vertically) on each turn. When players move a tile rather than add the next tile to the board, the next unused tile is added to a random location on the board. As players form words, they can ‘bank’ their points, removing these used tiles from the screen. When the board is completely filled and players are out of eligible moves, the game ends. Gamers have access to power-ups to help them as they play, like an undo button and a bomb which destroys a chosen letter on the board, as examples.

Blaze Waltz

Blade Waltz (Free on iOS, Android) – Developed by Polygon Games and published by Netmarble Games, Blaze Waltz is an action RPG which allows players to take control of three different characters, and switch between them during battle. During missions, players control their character with a virtual joystick, and use buttons to attack and trigger special skills. The game’s combat system focuses on combo attacks, which players can activate by tapping the red and blue normal attack buttons in specific combinations. The combo attack formulas are found on the left side of the screen while battling. An auto mode is also available, which sees the game attack enemies and clear dungeons automatically. In between missions, players can equip their heroes with new gear, or spend coins (the game’s free currency) to upgrade their heroes’ skills. In addition to the main single-player adventure mode, Blade Waltz features boss raids, infinite dungeons, special dungeons, guilds and player-vs-player content.