Mobile Game Roundup: Faily Brakes, Retro Shot and More

Here's a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to try, plenty of new options were released this week, including Slide the Shakes from Prettygreat. The game asks players to slide milkshakes across a bar top so they land in a target zone.

In addition, Wooga released its newest game this week: Futurama: Game of Drones. The match-four puzzle game challenges players to help Fry, Leela and other Futurama characters defeat an army of drones controlled by the evil MomCorp.

Finally, Bandai Namco Entertainment America released Pac-Man Puzzle Tour, a match-three puzzle game challenging players to help Pac-Man retrieve the world’s stolen fruit from Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, as well as new ghosts.

Are you looking for a different game to play? Here’s a look at some of the additional games which launched this week.

Faily Brakes (Free on iOS) – From Spunge Games, this endless driving game challenges players to survive while driving down a mountainside in a car with no brakes. Players can tap on left and right buttons to steer their vehicle and avoid obstacles, like trees, trains and rocks, as examples. Gamers can collect coins as they drive, and spend these coins on new vehicles. Players will also receive free coins as gifts over time, and can earn additional coins by watching video ads. Faily Brakes is expected to launch on Android in March.

Fire Fu ($1.99 on iOS) – From RetroFist and publisher All 4 Games, Fire Fu is an arcade game, challenging players to drag their finger on the screen to destroy enemy creatures with fire. Players have 60 seconds to earn as many points as possible, and can earn extra time by burning special enemies which appear on the screen. While playing, gamers must avoid destroying bombs and other obstacles, which can take away their points. In addition, gamers begin with a special potion which can help them while playing. As players progress, they’ll collect currency which can be spent on four additional potions, and can choose which potion they’d like to use in each game.

Assassin’s Creed Identity ($4.99 on iOS) – From Ubisoft, and developed by Ubisoft studio Blue Byte, this action RPG takes players to the Italian Renaissance, and allows them to create their own assassin in one of four classes: Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster or Thief. Gamers will complete missions as they work to solve ‘The Mystery of the Crows,’ and can customize their character with different outfits and weapons over time. The game allows players to use ‘tap-to-move’ controls or dual virtual joysticks, and also supports gamepads. Assassin’s Creed Identity will release on Android in Spring 2016.

Robocide (Free on iOS) – This RTS from PlayRaven allows players to control a robot army as they fight against an enemy robot invasion. In each battle, players tap on the screen to direct their units around the battlefield, and have the goal of wiping out every enemy robot on the screen. Both sides begin each battle with a group of robots to command, and their bases will spawn additional robots as the battle progresses. Players must destroy the enemy’s building(s) to prevent these enemy robots from spawning. In addition to normal robots, players can collect upgradable robots called Titans, and use their special abilities during battle. In addition to a single-player campaign, Robocide allows gamers to battle against other players in an arena, and join other players in alliances.

Mystic Kingdom

Mystic Kingdom (Free on iOS, Android) – From Netmarble Games, this RPG asks players to help King Arthur return to his place on the throne while defeating others who wish to make themselves king. The game includes more than 50 collectible characters, each with unique skills, and allows players to complete more than 200 levels in the game’s story mode. During each battle, players’ heroes attack enemies automatically, leaving gamers to tap to activate their special abilities when they’re available. In addition to the single-player mode, the game offers a player-vs-player dungeon, guild battles, boss battles and infinite dungeons. Users can also compete in Territorial Wars, which allow them to steal resources from other players.