Mobile Game Roundup: SirVival, Eternity Warriors 4 and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? As usual, there are plenty of new options to try, including Puzzle & Glory from SEGA and Demiurge Studios. The match-three RPG allows players to create a team of heroes and compete in both single-player and multiple adventures.

Next, Disney Interactive released Disney Infinity 3.0: Toy Box, its free-to-play mobile game in the popular Disney Infinity toys-to-life franchise.

Reliance Games also released its newest game this week: Hotel Transylvania 2, a hotel-building title based on the new film of the same name.

Finally, Prettygreat, an Australian game developer created by veterans from Halfbrick, released its first title: Land Sliders. The game asks players to slide the world around 50 playable characters to help them collect the objects they love most (like an explorer, for instance, who loves maps).

Looking for something different to play? Here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

SirVival (Free on iOS) – A side-scrolling running game from 1DER Entertainment and Soul and Vibe Interactive, SirVival sees players completing levels as a jousting knight, tapping, or tapping and holding, on the screen to jump over obstacles, attack enemies and collect coins. In between stages, players can spend their coins on new pieces of armor for their knight or horse, upgrades to the knight’s weapon or defenses and more. SirVival features 40 stages, each with a variety of collectibles to gather. Players can replay stages to earn missed items. SirVival is also available to play for free on Facebook, and it is coming soon to Android.

Magic Flute by Mozart ($1.99 on iOS) – From Polish developer LabLike, this puzzle title stars Tamino, a young prince challenged to rescue a princess using a magical flute. In each stage, players slide pieces of the environment vertically and horizontally to create a path for Tamino to reach the exit, and must avoid obstacles including cracked blocks and guards in the process. The game offers 32 levels, which can each be completed in multiple ways. Magic Flute by Mozart will be available for $1.99 until Oct. 24, with the price increasing to $3.99 thereafter.

Kill Me Again (Free on iOS, Android) – From NHN PixelCube and Toast, Kill Me Again is a zombie survival horror match-three puzzle game, which challenges players to survive the zombie apocalypse using a customized hero in one of three character classes: advanced soldier, hit woman or researcher. In each level, players must quickly drag symbols around the game board to create lines or three or more matching symbols, which trigger different attacks. In between stages, players can upgrade their weapons and armor, making their character stronger over time. For social features, players can join a guild to share bonuses with other players and access guild-exclusive gameplay modes.

Lunar Flowers (Free on iOS) – From NetEase Games, Lunar Flowers is a puzzle game asking players to help a princess navigate a dream world. In each stage, players draw lines on the screen to connect flowers in specific ways, based on visual clues in the environment. Lunar Flowers offers no in-app purchases or advertisements, and it will be free to download during a special launch period. After this promotion ends, the game will be available to download for $0.99.

Ace of Arenas (Free on iOS, Android) – A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from GAEA Mobile, Ace of Arenas challenges players to defeat their opponents in one-on-one, two-on-two or three-on-three multiplayer battles. Gamers can also practice against AI opponents in a training mode. In each match, players work to destroy a special core in the enemy’s base, and they can control their hero using a virtual joystick for movement and buttons for normal and special attacks. Gamers can upgrade their hero’s special attacks (or unlock new attacks) during a match, and they also have access to a shop to purchase helpful items. Ace of Arenas offers ranked matches and leaderboards, as well as the ability to create a clan with other players.

Champ Man 16

Champ Man 16 (Free on iOS, Android) – From Square Enix, this latest installment in this soccer management franchise offers 20 playable seasons and allows players to become the manager of their own team. The game includes tens of thousands of real-world athletes from over 450 clubs and 25 leagues, with the inclusion of Singapore and Australian leagues. Players must manage their stadium, as well as their team, and they can hire trainers to improve their team’s stats. Gamers can select training programs for their overall team or pay currency to upgrade specific stats for an individual athlete, and they can customize player formations before each match. While free-to-play, gamers can also spend currency on things like pre-match drills, which increase specific stats during one or more future games. Matches play out automatically (users can choose from three progression speeds), but players can pause the action to change their team’s formation, among other options. The game also offers a new objectives system and allows players to apply for new jobs or receive offers from other teams.

My Maze: Puzzle Craze (Free on iOS) – From White Room Games and Thumbspire, My Maze: Puzzle Craze is a level-based maze game, challenging players to help an orb collect all of the pyramids in each maze without running out of moves. Players swipe to send the orb into motion in a straight line, with the orb only stopping when it hits a wall or other solid blockade. Levels become more complicated as players progress, with the introduction of elements like portals and spikes, among others. Players have a limited number of lives, or attempts to complete each maze, and they can refill their lives (or purchase unlimited lives) via in-app purchases. Users can also earn free lives by watching video ads. Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, with some stages offering special secret stars that can be collected by finding them in those mazes.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist ($4.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Outerminds, this 2-D platformer stars multiple YouTube personalities, including PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier and more. The game features voice acting from the YouTube stars, as well as multiple difficulty levels and boss fights to challenge players’ skills. The game includes a survival arena and allows users to share their scores on Facebook. As of this writing, the game is currently the top paid app on the iTunes App Store.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (Free on iOS, Android) – From Electronic Arts, this latest mobile installment in the soccer franchise features “enhanced hybrid controls,” allowing users to use gestures or buttons to control the ball while playing. In addition to playing games, users can also choose to simulate matches. Players can create their own team using a selection of over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams, and they can customize their team’s play style, formations and more. When players have athletes or items they no longer need, they can trade them for a chance to receive something better.

Snail Bob 2 ($2.99 on iOS) – From Hunter Hamster and publisher tinyBuild Games, this sequel to the original Snail Bob asks players to help Bob the snail compete levels by manipulating objects like switches and levers to create a path to the exit. Players must avoid obstacles like enemy creatures, among others. Gamers can find and collect up to three stars in each stage by tapping on them (many blend into the environment), while puzzle pieces are also hidden in some stages. As players collect stars, they’ll unlock new clothing options for Bob to wear, while collecting both stars and puzzle pieces will eventually unlock bonus levels to complete. Snail Bob 2 offers over 100 levels at launch, with more planned for future updates.

Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures (Free on iOS) – A children’s game from TutoTOONS, Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures allows players to complete seven mini-games that work to develop their “aesthetic awareness” and introduce them to the importance of self-care and caring for others, as well as cleanliness. Gamers can visit the fairy beauty salon to create new makeup and hairstyles, design clothing for their fairies, collect fruits to create jams and more. Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures is aimed at girls aged 4 through 10. The game was also released on Android and the Amazon Appstore earlier this month.

Blackwell 4: Deception ($3.99 on iOS) – The fourth chapter in the Blackwell series from Wadjet Eye Games, Blackwell 4: Deception is a point-and-click adventure title starring Rosa Blackwell and her ghost partner, Joey Mallone, who must help restless ghosts find peace and stop the deception of false psychics who are leading their patrons down dangerous paths. Blackwell 4: Deception is the fourth game in a series of five, but players aren’t required to try the first three games in the series before playing this installment.

Dreamlike Mix (Free on Android) – A traditional match-three game from Nika Entertainment, Dreamlike Mix is based on popular children’s tales including The Three Little Pigs, Puss in Boots and Little Red Riding Hood. The game offers more than 150 levels at launch, spread across six locations. Each of the game’s fairy tale characters has three upgradeable magical abilities, which can help players complete stages. Dreamlike Mix is also available on Facebook, and it is coming to iOS in October.

Litron (Free on Android) – From ShortBreak Studios, the mobile division of Techland, Litron is a retro-style maze game inspired by the 1980s and the classic game of Snake. Litton offers 60 levels, challenging players to move their shape through environments and mazes to reach a white square somewhere in the stage. Each level has a different layout, and it may feature moving or disappearing obstacles, among other challenges. Players can purchase power-ups to help them compete tricky stages. One allows the line or dot to hit an obstacle and keeping going (rather than ending the stage), while another slows its movement.

Timecrest (Free on iOS) – From Sneaky Crab, Timecrest is a gamebook experience, challenging players to help a young mage named Ash save the world of Alyncia from destruction. Ash communicates with players through text, with dialog choices allowing players to respond and shape the story as they make their way to one of multiple endings. Conversations take place in real-time, with timed breaks limiting the amount of content users experience in a single session. Gamers can spend premium currency to skip these waiting times and move forward. Timecrest is also available on Apple Watch.

Floors (Free on iOS, Android) – From Ketchapp and developer Yuri Sanachev, Floors is a endless jumping title, asking players to tap, or tap and hold, to make their character jump over spikes and continue running. After clearing an obstacle, players move to another floor, and they can continue running until they eventually hit a spike. Each floor may have a different layout than the last, with some including spikes hanging from the ceiling. As players run, they can collect gems, which are spent to unlock new playable characters. Users can share their high scores with friends.

JumpStart: Magic & Mythies (Free on iOS, Android) – This children’s MMO from JumpStart takes players to the world of Terra and asks them to help characters called Mythies, as well as elves, restore the balance of nature after a darkness begins covering the world. Players can customize their character and will learn about nature conservation as they earn their own magical powers, complete quests, craft potions, farm crops, raise animals and more. For social features, players can chat with others or join or create a guild with their friends. These guilds give players access to exclusive challenges in the game. While JumpStart: Magic & Mythies is free-to-play, the game supports in-app purchases, as well as premium membership options. The game is coming soon to Amazon and Windows.

Eternity Warriors 4 (Free on iOS, Android) – This latest installment in Glu Mobile’s dungeon crawling RPG series allows players to choose from three heroes (warrior, assassin or mage) and battle enemies to save the people of the world of Udar. In the game, players will clear level-based environments filled with hack-n-slash battle encounters, and will collect new gear to make their hero stronger over time. Gamers can also upgrade their hero’s passive and active skills. Outside of the single-player gameplay, users can join a guild with other players and can compete in timed events to win special rewards. Player-versus-player battles are also available in the game’s arena.