Mobile Game Roundup: Puzzle Pets, Eggmaster and More

As another week comes to a close, mobile application stores have been updated with a slew of new games to entertain us this weekend, and into the weeks beyond. Here’s a look at a few of the games released this week

The Witcher Battle Arena
As another week comes to a close, mobile application stores have been updated with a slew of new games to entertain us this weekend, and into the weeks beyond. Here’s a look at a few of the games released this week.

The Witcher Battle Arena (Free on iOS, Android) — CD Projekt Red‘s and Fuero Games’ multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game sees two teams of three heroes each fighting against each other in a quest to capture and hold conquest points in battles described as “short,” but “intense and action-packed.” The game has launched with two maps and nine playable heroes, including a sorceress, dwarf and even the witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia. As players compete, they earn experience points and win equipment for customizing their characters. Going forward, the game will be updated with additional maps, playable characters and gameplay modes.
Puzzle Pets (Free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone) — This level-based match-three puzzle game from Gameloft asks players to rescue missing animals across 126 levels. Players create boosts by making matches of four or more animals in a line, while seven additional boosters (available for purchase) clear even more symbols from the screen. A tornado, for instance, clears all symbols in a chosen line. As players complete levels, they receive collectibles used to rescue missing helpers. Helpers can be taken into levels and charged up before unleashing their special skills in the stage.
Eggmaster (Free on iOS) — Chillingo‘s and Sybsoftware’s “clicker” asks players to tap on the screen as quickly as they can to help a chicken produce eggs. As users collect eggs in bulk, they can be spent on upgrades to increase their chicken’s passive egg production, or the number of eggs it produces per second, even without tapping. Players receive free premium currency as they tap in bulk, and can spend this on premium boosts for even greater egg production. While players technically have the freedom to purchase upgrades in the order they see fit, gamers receive rewards for completing quests, often requiring them to make specific purchases before continuing.
ATM Simulation (Free on iOS) — Pine Entertainment’s banking simulation game turns players into an ATM, challenging them to fulfill customer requests as quickly as possible to earn points. The game offers two modes, Arcade and Time Attack, with each asking players to drag and drop bills of different amounts into a tray, depending on the amount requested by the patron. The ATM has a limited number of each type of bill available, so players must also prioritize and manage their money effectively in order to survive long term.
Joy Flight (Free on iOS, Android) — This colorful cartoon shooter from Joycity asks players to help their animal friends retrieve fruit stolen by aliens. The top-down gameplay sees players flying vertically on the screen, moving left and right to defeat enemies or collect stars. Players will rescue additional animals over time, and can take multiple animals into flight for increased power. In addition, players can unlock booster items and other “treasures,” which may increase their character’s health, flying speed and more.
Sky Hollywood Slots
Sky Hollywood Slots (Free on iOS, Android) — This casino title from Sky Betting & Gaming and OpenWager includes a variety of themed slot machines, and sees players completing quests on specific machines as they work their way toward Hollywood stardom. Gamers can access bonus games as they play, and share their progress with friends via Facebook connectivity.
The LEGO Movie Videogame ($4.99 on iOS) — This latest installment in the LEGO video game franchise from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games stars over 90 characters from The LEGO Movie film, and challenges players to help Emmet save the world through 45 levels. Users can choose from two different control schemes, or use a controller to play, as they collect and use LEGO instruction pages to build new creations and complete levels.