Mobile game news roundup: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Tiny Tycoons, Monster Match and more mobile favorites


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, game developers large and small are capitalizing on the holiday with themed content releases in their mobile games. From romantic hidden object scenes in Disney Hidden Worlds to Aphrodite butterflies in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season of love this February, all without leaving the comforts of home.

The Rose Nymph comes to Elemental Kingdoms – A special guest has arrived in Perfect World Entertainment’s card battle game, as players can enter a special code to receive the Rose Nymph card in their game. Players who register the code “VDAY52” before February 16 will receive their card for free. Elemental Kingdoms is available on iOS and Android.

Valentine’s Day costumes now available in Tiny Tycoons – The Tap Lab has released a set of Valentine’s Day costumes in its geolocation-powered tycoon game [pictured at top]. The game now offers a Cupid outfit, as well as Heart-themed hats and glasses, but these items will leave the store after Sunday, February 16. Players who purchase the items, however, can keep them in their virtual closet all year round. Tiny Tycoons is available for free on iOS.


Team with friends in new Badland level – Frogmind’s Badland has been updated with a Valentine’s Day menu theme, and a new multiplayer level that encourages cooperation with friends to succeed.


Play Bingo PartyLand for a “Valentine Sweet Bonus” – From now until February 15, Bingo fans are invited to play bingo in a Valentine’s Day themed room called Lover’s Island, while also collecting themed decorations for their virtual beaches. Finally, during this event, players receive double rewards for every bingo win. Bingo PartyLand is available on iOS.

Valentines_ButterfliesLimited edition Aphrodite butterflies come to Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary – Runaway’s butterfly collection game features a set of limited edition Aphrodite butterflies, which are collected using equally limited flowers. These flowers appear at random throughout the rainforest, and players can use them to attract butterflies, eventually unlocking permanent decorations for their trees. Available on iOS and Android, this event is live through February 16.

Complete the “Tournament of Hearts” in The Gate – Starting today through February 20, The Gate players are challenged to defeat a special boss in the Tournament of Hearts event. For participating, players have a chance to win the limited Valentine’s Day card, which will be rewarded to the top event players. The Gate is available on iOS.

Test the power of true love in G.I. Joe: Battleground – In a limited edition “When Words Collide” dungeon event, G.I. Joe: Battleground players will discover if the love shared between the Baroness and Steeler is powerful enough to hold them together even when in an alternate world. This event starts today, and runs through February 19 on iOS and Android.

Help the ugly duckling in Monster Match – A voodoo toucan has transformed a once beautiful swan into an ugly duckling, and players in this action-puzzle game will need to help her learn the true meaning of love as she fights her way back to her original form. This event ends on February 19, and is now available on iOS and Android.

Visit Love Island in Disney Hidden Worlds – For a limited time, players can visit a new location in Disney’s hidden object game, filled with classic love scenes from Disney’s movies. In addition, exclusively for Google Play users, each new player that downloads the game during this event will receive 25 percent more free Gems (the game’s premium currency) when starting the game. This event runs through February 18.


Google Play users score big in Nemo’s Reef – Another Google Play exclusive event, Nemo’s Reef players can collect their pink ornamental plant and pink trumpet fish from now until February 18.

Stock up on boosts in the Words of Wonder Valentine’s Day sale – Disney’s Google Play event continues in Words of Wonder, as fans of the word game will receive a 30 percent discount on a Boosts bundle containing three Hammer Boosts, three “Add 3 Moves” Boosts and three “Expanded Explosion” Boosts for a limited time.


Pick up super duo discounts in Marvel: Avengers Alliance – Rounding out Disney’s Google Play events this Valentine’s Day, Marvel: Avengers Alliance players can pick up discounted pairs of characters, with each pair having a romantic link. Each day, a new set of linked heroes will be on sale, ranging from Phoenix and Cyclops to Kitty Pryde and Colossus.

Complete Valentine’s Day specimens in Word Science – Players of WildTangent’s word game can complete themed “specimens,” or groups of words themed after the holiday. These words include the expected gifts for loved ones, including “flowers” and “candy,” but also dive into science with words like “dopamine” and “hormones.” Word Science is available on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.