Mobile Entertainment: U.S. Market At Major Crossroads

Mobile Entertainment gives some thoughts on the state of mobile media in the U.S., saying that while ringtones and picture messaging have both captured the public’s conscious, it remains to be seen what happens on the mobile advertising side.

“The September decision by the New York Times to drop its subscription firewall doesn’t illustrate a failure to make money from paid content–they are reportedly waving goodbye to $10 million in annual subscription revenue,” writes M:Metrics CMO and senior analyst Mark Donovan. “Rather it demonstrates their belief that there is even more money to be made through an ad-supported model.

“US mobile operators know this, which is why they have spent much of the year [experimenting] with advertising. And it’s why AOL bought Third Screen Media, Microsoft acquired ScreenTonic and Nokia purchased Enpocket.”

Which way for US now? [Mobile Entertainment]