REPORT: 97.5% Of People Could Crash While Driving And Talking

Driving On Phone Is UnsafeSome people CAN drive and talk on a cellphone simultaneously, says a University of Utah study. It’s a very small percentage, 2.5%, but some people are capable of it. That also means that 97.5 percent of people cannot! The problem is that the rest of us cannot manage multiple physical tasks and as a result endanger everyone else with the need to talk while driving, or send text messages. Some people are even addicted to social media to the point of checking email, Facebook, and Twitter while driving recklessly.

The problem is, how do you determine which group you belong to, without endangering others? You probably can’t. The U of Utah study (found via MobileCrunch) itself was conducted with a driving simulator, on 200 undergrad students. The report estimates that less than 3% of the driving population is capable of driving and talking on a cell at the same time. That means most of us cannot do it, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise. It also means that probably even fewer of us can text message safely while driving, let alone check email or other social media.

So the odds are against most of us, but does banning actually stop people? Or do we need extreme electronic solutions such as RFID-based chips that communicate between both car and smartphone to inhibit the use of the latter when the ignition starts?

What do you think? Do you know anyone who actually can drive and talk on a cellphone safely (that is, without a handsfree option)? Do you think cellphone use while driving — let alone text messaging — should be banned outright, with or without handsfree options?