Mobile, Causes, Twitter, Photos, Connect and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

Several mobile applications made our list of fastest growing apps by daily active users this week; Causes, Twitter, Windows, Yahoo, photos, video and Page administrator tools were among those on our list.

Apps on the list grew from between 62,200 DAU and 428,800 DAU this week. We compile the list using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and shows those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Videoloji 431,822 +428,760 +14,003%
2. 298,263 +218,281 +273%
3. Causes 931,505 +211,363 +29%
4. Diamond Dash – by wooga 735,608 +202,244 +38%
5. Windows Live Messenger 15,028,527 +113,814 +0.76%
6. 壹公寓 183,339 +101,521 +124%
7. Snaptu 1,471,788 +97,662 +7%
8. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,024,929 +91,229 +1%
9. Yahoo! 6,949,729 +88,288 +1%
10. 2011星座運勢 99,480 +84,170 +550%
11. 戀愛甜密度!! 快看看與他/她有多甜 83,719 +83,719 +0.0%
12. Friend Buzz 570,273 +79,351 +16%
13. Dragons of Atlantis 406,558 +78,830 +24%
14. 開心水族箱 1,277,045 +74,713 +6%
15. Monopoly Millionaires 873,908 +69,013 +9%
16. OndaPix 192,601 +68,452 +55%
17. Tetris Battle 502,423 +65,594 +15%
18. Twitter 605,818 +65,436 +12%
19. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa 127,805 +62,561 +96%
20. My Photos 268,163 +62,189 +30%

Videoloji, a Turkish video app that posts daily videos and allows users to Like and share them, grew by 428,800 DAU this week. There were no other video apps on the list, but a few photo apps. OndaPix grew mostly in Mexico and the US, by 68,500 DAU; the app allows users to decorate their Facebook photos with different decorations. The My Photos app grew by 62,200 DAU in the US, UK and Philippines and posts a daily photo to a user’s stream from their Facebook albums.

There was a pair of mobile apps on the list this week.’s app grew by 218,300 DAU; the app is from Indian company owned by South African and Chinese interests. Basically it provides mobile apps to mobile users. Then there was Snaptu, with 97,700 DAU, which also offers mobile users different types of mobile aps for download.

Some big name apps made the list this week. Causes grew by 211,400 DAU; the app’s featured action right now pertains to Japan and the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear issues there. Windows Live Messenger Connect app grew by 113,800 DAU and synchronizes a user’s Facebook account to Windows. Yahoo’s Connect app grew by 88,300 DAU. Twitter saw 65,400 DAU this week; the app also synchronizes a user’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

A Chinese horoscope app, 2011星座運勢, grew by 84,200 DAU and posts a user’s horoscope to their Wall, as well as allows them to invite their friends to use it. It also publishes a feed story when installed. Friend Buzz, a raunchy Q&A app, posts feed stories to the Walls of users’ friends. Finally, iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa is an app that grew by 62,600 DAU, allowing Page administrators to consolidate social media content into a single tab for easier consumption.

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