Mobile apps, listening to music, Warcraft, gummies, Subway, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Facebook’s feature phone applications once again topped our list of pages with the most new Likes this week.

The top 20 fastest growing Pages this week gained between 315,271 and more than 2.8 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NameTotal LikesPeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Facebook for Every Phone95,618,230 2,925,361+371,608+2,870,707
2   Snaptu8,150,7158,008+1,402,809+1,407,182
3   Listening to music7,511,9931,799,765+80,077+1,365,157
4   Warcraft4,223,02823,001+3,354+1,361,085
5   Fraises Tagada – Haribo953,066123+804,344+804,384
6   Adele29,899,556518,099+77,722+486,029
7   神さま予報! 99% にこ667,772465,045+11,523+474,788
8   Titanic24,962,971462,510+68,263+443,656
9   Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
10   Bojan Krkic498,99211,657+782+419,370
11   Facebook67,836,242481,226+55,062+387,558
12   Harry Potter47,105,239775,613+57,158+383,824
13   Rihanna57,057,465539,794+54,221+368,607
14   The Simpsons51,586,743470,147+55,439+366,442
15   Subway13,920,046256,643+150,112+366,176
16   YouTube58,708,677439,703+55,442+359,489
17   FC Barcelona32,001,458788,607+52,370+345,911
18   Walmart16,382,511602,739+35,829+345,298
19   Eminem58,035,319399,991+48,932+317,218
20   Shakira51,253,384380,844+48,423+315,271

Facebook for Every Phone, which recently became the most popular page on the social network, continues to see immense viral growth. Snaptu, which was the company that developed Facebook for Every Phone and ultimately was acquired by Facebook, seemed to grow from page consolidation, since its People Talking About This number doesn’t correspond with all the new Likes it received. Same for Warcraft, gummy candy Fraises Tagada – Haribo and soccer player Bojan Krkic.

The community page for Listening to music picked up more than 1.3 million new Likes, probably from Facebook’s recommended pages module. which has been suggesting some generic pages lately.

Subway made a new appearance on our list, as the result of a Facebook campaign, which includes homepage ads and logout ads. The sandwich chain is promoting avocado season with posts and videos including Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Walmart has an ongoing Sponsored Stories campaign running that has kept the page on our list for a while.

Japanese page 神さま予報! 99% にこ made its debut this week, possibly with a Facebook ad campaign since the page had been growing very modestly and even losing fans in past weeks. The page seems to be promoting different fortune-telling apps. The other celebrity and entertainment pages are regulars on our list because their massive fan bases lead to additional viral growth.

Image credit: ClickZ