Mobile Apps Add Users on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Several mobile apps have added significant numbers of users on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing apps by daily active users, perhaps signaling that new smartphones and tablets were a popular Christmas gift this year. There are four total starting with HTC Sense:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Yahoo!4,663,256+2,489,067+114%
2. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂1,454,836+678,660+87%
3. Windows Live Messenger11,371,674+283,842+3%
4. CityVille13,897,851+223,175+2%
5. HTC Sense3,667,569+206,437+6%
6. FarmVille 中文版222,649+184,595+485%
7. Tavla235,140+177,567+308%
8. Tarjetitas400,365+158,337+65%
9. Friendly for iPad417,061+150,247+56%
10. Samsung Mobile1,454,466+140,801+11%
11. My Top Friends (new)150,777+122,206+428%
12. Ovi by Nokia504,085+118,847+31%
13. ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥221,999+115,365+108%
14. Nokia1,020,219+77,927+8%
15. My Top Followers120,073+74,295+162%
16. iPhoto Uploader207,689+58,098+39%
17. ☻ ♥ My BesT WisheS to YoU ♥☻117,369+49,371+73%
18. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel211,266+45,826+28%
19. Feliz Año Nuevo ♥ Especialmente para ti123,732+44,187+56%
20. xo Hearts xo89,175+44,175+98%

You’d see more mobile apps on the list, but there are a handful, like Facebook for iPhone and Facebook for Blackberry, that we’ve removed from our leaderboards to prevent them from obscuring apps that live on the platform. Those two respectively added about 1.5 million and 400,000 new DAU. HTC Sense, Samsung Mobile, Ovi by Nokia and Nokia are all smaller mobile apps that are gaining, while Friendly for iPad is an alternative iPad social networking app.

Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger are two Connect apps that we’ve seen many times before, so we’ll pass over them. And Prosperous New Year To All My Friends is one of the short-lived season’s greetings apps that will probably be gone in a week.

CityVille has been the big story for a few weeks, but you’ll note that it’s only number four this week. Although the app is still making huge gains of monthly active users, its DAU is dropping as the stickiness, or percentage of monthly users who come back daily, falls to normal levels.