Mobile App Roundup: RIM, Microsoft, Tapjoy and Persona 4

iOS 5 on One Third of Eligible Devices in Under a Week – Analytics firm Localytics has determined that between October 12th and October 17th, 33% of Apple devices that could run iOS 5 upgraded to it. This compares favorably with the adoption rates of iOS 4, which was on half of all iPhones within  a month of its launch.

RIM Roundup – It’s been a busy week for Canadian smartphone manufacturer RIM. Here’s an Inside Mobile Apps summary of the company’s news:

  • First up, Stuff Middle East was invited to a press event in Dubai where RIM revealed it  would be unveiling a new BlackBerry designed by Porsche. Supposed pictures of the phone were leaked in September.
  • In apology for last week’s disastrous service outage, RIM announced it will be compensating users with a selection of premium apps worth over $100. The apps are a selection of utilities and games.
  • And finally, Reuters is reporting that BASIS International, a New Mexico software company is threatening RIM with legal action over the name BBX, claiming that it infringes on their trademark for the name BBx. The lawsuit comes days after RIM announced it had created a new operating system called BBX for its next generation devices.

Persona 4 Going Social – Ultra-popular Japanese RPG Persona 4, a game considered by many to be last great game released for the PS2, will soon be a social game in Japan. Silconera is reporting that the game will be developed by Index Corporation, makers of Persona 3 Social for DeNA’s Mobage-town. The social game is not the first Persona 4 spin off to be announced; the game is also seeing an anime adaption, a fighting game spin-off and a remake for the Playstation Vita.

Professor Layton Coming to iOS, Mobage – One of the most popular new game franchises in recent history, Professor Layton, will no longer be a Nintendo exclusive. According to a press release on the Level 5 website and reports from various gaming blogs, the company is working on project tentatively titled Professor Layton Royale for DeNA’s Mobage platform, and a title called Layton Brothers: Mystery Room for iOS.

Google, Oracle Android Trial Delayed – VentureBeat is reporting that the trial between Google and Oracle over Android’s use of the Java operating language has been delayed indefinitely due to scheduling conflicts. No new date has been set.

FX Creates Shopping App to Promote Biker Show Sons of Anarchy – While most TV networks have turned to Facebook to promote their programs, FX announced this week it had developed an interactive shopping app for its show Sons of Anarchy. The app, which is called SOA Gear, will showcase products and merchandise worn by the cast members on the show, and highlight the items for purchase.

Will Smurfberries Create 30% of Capcom’s Profits? – In an interview with Bloomberg, Capcom chairman Kenzo Tsujimoto said that mobile games will make up 6.6% of the company’s profits this year, and that number will could increase up to five fold in the coming years.

Total Immersion Makes Free AR Tools Available – French company Total Immersion has released a free AR platform called D’Fusion Studio that Android, iOS, console and web developers can use to incorporate AR elements into their games and apps.

Halfbrick Needs More Bricks – According to job listings found by Gamasutra, Halfbrick, the Australian developer of the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja is expanding, adding a new studio in Sidney.

DCM Announces First Recipients of $100 Million Android Fund – DCM has unveiled the first recipients of the the Android developer specific fund it launched in April. Appia, PapayaMobile, Happy Elements, Kanbox, Loki Studios and Kakoa Corp all received investments from that ranged between $250,000 to $5 million.