Mobile App Roundup: PopCap, Xoom, Photos, & More

Unpleasant HorsePopCap Launches New Studio — Games developer, PopCap Games has launched a new development studio by the name of 4th & Battery. The new studio is intended to create “smaller, simpler, and sometimes edgier games,” bringing some of PopCaps “more experimental ideas to customers.” Their first game is Unpleasant Horse for iOS and is due later this month.

Intel Leads $30M Round for Tablet Maker Kno — According to All Things Digital, Intel Capital is leading a $30 million funding round for a student tablet startup called Kno. Moreover, Intel will license the hardware design of the product.

PhotofeedPhotofeed Comes to iPhone — Startup Pixable is coming to iPhone this week with its app Photofeed. The app collects photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram, allowing users to browse, search, and categorize all of them, allowing them to comment on and Like them (when they are from Facebook).

iOS 4.3.2 — Apple is working another iOS release, iOS 4.3.2, that will include several fixes, enhancements, and the resolving of security issues, Boy Genius Report reports. The release is supposedly slated for two weeks from now.

Immersion Forms Haptify — A quick update from the end of last week, touch feedback technology company, Immersion Corporation has announced the formation of Haptify Inc. The new subsidiary will focus on the development of haptic-enabled apps for the Android operating system.

Atari100 Atari Classics Come to iOS — Old school gamers can get a test of nostalgia this week, as Atari has released Atari’s Greatest Hits to the App Store. The free app hosts in-app purchases of four-packs of classic Atari games like Yars’ Revenge or Missile Command at $0.99. There are 100 classic titles available.

Run Android Apps on Windows — According to CrunchGear, An interesting piece of software called BlueStacks allows users to run the Android operating system on Windows via a virtualization layer.

Visual Assistance Tool Released for iPhone — Software developer Ai Squared focuses its applications on aiding the visually impaired. As such, the company has announced the release of its new iPhone app, ZoomReader. The app takes a picture of text, and uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the text aloud.

Nightclub City DJ Rivals Goes Cross-Platform — Games developer Booyah has expanded its new DJ Rivals to be cross-platform. Now players will be able to play with other users on both iOS and Android.