Mobile App Roundup: Lawsuits, Foursquare Updates, Android Statistics & More

RIM To Launch Streaming Music Service — According to CNET, Research in Motion is looking to launch its own digital streaming music service for its smartphones and tablets that will be cheaper than other similar services. The service would be integrated into BlackBerry Messenger and thus far, RIM says it has signed deals with at least one of four major U.S. record companies (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Music).

Vodafone Announces Android Mobile Billing — Vodafone has annonuced that Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany will now support the purchasing of Android Market apps through mobile billing. Purchases can be charged directly to a user’s phone bill or prepaid account with the service initially being available to users that purchased their device through Vodafone online and retail channels.

Andy Miller Leaves iAds — According to All Things D, the iAd VP is leaving the company to become a general partner at Highland Capital. It’s another setback for the mobile advertising network Apple acquired when it bought Quattro.

Gameloft Announces New Orleans Game Studio — Mobile developer and publisher Gameloft announced Monday that it will be expanding with a new office in New Orleans. Based on what the company has told Joystiq, the office will hire approximately 150 employees.

Restaurant City Hits iOS in Canada — The popular Facebook game of Restaurant City has hit iOS as a free-to-play game. Dubbed Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition, appears to only be available in the Canadian App Store at this time.

Chatterfly Releases Loyalty App — TechCrunch came across an interesting new mobile app from Chatterfly. The iOS and Android app of the same name allows businesses to provide users with a digital loyalty system (like a digital version of paper punch cards that are marked every time one visits a certain venue). Rewards can be earned by users for making purchases or sharing on a social feed. They can then be redeemed at the business or for Chatterfly rewards.

Game Insight to Release Crime Story on Android — Social-mobile games developer Game Insight has announced their newest title slated for release on Android, Crime Story. The upcoming game, will allow users to build out a criminal empire, defeat enemy crime lords, and conquer uncontrolled regions of the city. The game is scheduled for release later this month.

Thunderstone Game Franchise to Launch on Social & Mobile Platforms — Zabu Studio and Alderac Entertainment Group have announced that its strategy card game franchise, Thunderstone will be making its way to Facebook, iOS, and Android. The game will be initially free, with users purchasing new cards in-app.

Zorro Comes to Mobile — PixoFactor Entertainment has announced the launch of its newest side-scrolling action game, Zorro: Shadow of Vengeance. A rebooted version of the Zorro franchise, the title is now available on iOS and Android.

German Court Suspends Galaxy Tab Injunction — The patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung continues. According to TechCrunch, Apple blocked the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the European Union, but this week, a court in Germany partially lifted the injunction until the August 25th appeals hearing. That said, German users can still only purchase the device from Samsung’s South Korean parent company.

HTC Sues Apple Over Patent Infringements — More patent lawsuits are about as HTC is now suing Apple in a Delaware District Court over three different patents. In short, the patents list everything from personal computers to mobile communications devices as “Accused Apple Products,” that infringe upon HTC patents, and thus the company is seeking infringement compensation, triple that for compensatory damages, and a possible injunction against making, selling, and importing “accused products” in the U.S. After this fiasco, now Apple has brought the caseto a Netherlands court, according to VentureBeat, in order to try and ban all of the Galaxy smartphones and tablets.