Mobile app news roundup: mobile Mozilla, Apple fixes and Transformers heads to Mobage

Apple fixes IAP fraud with temporary fix, promises solution coming in iOS 6.0 — Apple has notified developers it has released a temporary fix for the bug that allowed a Russian hacker to circumvent Apple’s security and successfully make in-app purchases for free. According to 9to5Mac, the bug will be fully fixed with iOS 6.0.

PayPal acquires — PayPal has picked up, a company that allows developers to use a smartphone’s camera to read credit card information. The acquisition price was not disclosed.

Mozilla going mobile — Neowin reports Mozilla is throwing its hat into the mobile market with a new mobile operating system based on Linux and Gecko. The Firefox OS is scheduled to hit the market in 2013.

Mobile revenues at Yahoo up 50% — During this week’s Yahoo earnings call, the company said its mobile revenues had increased by 50 percent year-on-year, although they were up from a small base, reports TechCrunch.

Apple pulls Clueful — Apple has pulled the security app Clueful from the iTunes App Store, reports VentureBeat. The app analyzed the activity of other applications and informed users if an app was accessing a phone’s GPS or address book, connecting to their social media accounts or encrypting data.

Ouya’s first exclusive game announced — The still-in-development Android-based Ouya console has revealed its first exclusive title. The game will be developed by Robotoki, and will be a prequel to the upcoming survival horror game Human Element, which is slated for a PC and console release in 2015 according to PocketGamer.

Verizon offers 150 on-demand Android games for $5.99 a month — Verizon has partnered with on-demand gaming service Extent to offer its Android users a new service called GameTitanium. For $5.99 a month users will get access to 100 Android games and 50 Android tablet games, all free and ad free. Users will not need to download individual apps. Games included in the service include Doodle God, Fruit Ninja, World of Goo and Plants vs. Zombies

Rage of Bahamut passes 2 million users outside of Japan — DeNA and Cygame’s hit mobile game Rage of Bahamut has now racked up 2 million users outside of the game’s Japanese homeland. The app has been the top grossing Android app for 14 weeks in a row.

Google Chrome now accounts for 1.2 percent of iOS browsing — Online advertising network Chitika reports the new iOS version of Chrome now accounts for 1.2 percent of all web browsing on the platform. The company has launched a widget to track adoption of the new browser.

DeNA lands Transformers license — DeNA has signed an exclusive three-year licencing deal with Hasbro that will allow the company to produce mobile games based on the popular franchise. The games will be a part of DeNA’s Mobage network and will be available on iOS and Android everywhere except Japan.

PlayFirst teams with Sony for animated tie in — PlayFirst has announced it will release Hotel Transylvania Dash, a spin-off of the company’s Hotel Dash game that will use characters and settings from Sony’s upcoming animated film Hotel Transylvania.

Tom Hanks’ Electric City goes mobile — Jump Games has released two mobile apps based on Tom Hank’s animated series Electric City. Available on both iOS and Android, Electric City is free, and Electric City The Revolt is $0.99.

Gameloft raises money for sharks — Gameloft has teamed with the Discovery Channel and non-profit organization Wild Aid to raise money to support marine protection and raise awareness of the practice of shark finning. Gameloft is collecting the funds through its game Shark Dash. Users will be able to purchase exclusive in-game content, in exchange for a donation to the charity.

[Launch] Galaxy Life goes mobile — Digital Chocolate has brought its Facebook game Galaxy Life to the iPhone and the iPad as Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures.

[Launch] Raved hits iTunes App Store — Location based recommendation service Raved launched its mobile app this week. The service allows users to share and recommend businesses and locations with their friends.