Mobile Advertising: Too Many Vendors, Not Enough Customers

Ad network 24/7 Real Media just announced that they’re pushing ads to mobile devices using their existing “Open AdStream” platform. Online Media Daily says that about a dozen publishers signed up for the new mobile services, though no names were listed.

This is not a huge news item in and of itself. What’s significant is Open Media Daily’s take on the situation: “Indeed, consumers are not taking to the mobile world as quickly as some marketers would like. Just 28% of teens, for example, said they wanted MySpace access on their mobile devices, according to a recent survey conducted by Jupiter Research. Even worse, just 12% of respondents said they wanted access to YouTube on their cell phones.”

These numbers are telling, given that teens make up a huge portion of YouTube and MySpace users on the desktop. Nevertheless, technology companies and advertisers are still jockeying for position, the article continues, with one firm projecting that ad spending on mobile devices will double to $878 million this year. If few customers care, that will be one colossal waste of money.

24/7 Real Media Adds Mobile Ad Serving [Online Media Daily]