Mobile Advertising To Hit Australia in a Big Way

A new survey from Frost & Sullivan forecasts big happenings in the Australian mobile advertising market over the next few years. Last year, mobile advertising in Oz reached just $2.5 million, a number the market researcher forecasts to grow more than 300% in ’08.

According to Frost, this can be credited to expected consumer adoption of 3G data services (thank you iPhone) and “attractive campaign pricing to entice advertisers.”

The report, “Australia Next-Generation Mobile Advertising Market 2007-2011,” warns that sustaining mobile advertising growth into 2009 and beyond depends on operators cutting data charges, more organizations developing sophisticated mobile advertising offerings and better technology and integration throughout the mobile advertising value chain.

Frost found that the bulk of money going into mobile advertising is spent on campaign trials in partnership with operators and content publishers. These campaigns are largely display ads, with a little search advertising tossed in.