Mobile Advertising Stuck In Neutral: Report

MediaPost reports that while mobile devices may be among the fastest growing consumer technologies, the platform has yet to catch on as a significant advertising medium, and if some new research on the plans of big advertisers and agencies is any indication, it won’t be catching on anytime soon.

Here are some of the findings, quoted from the article:

– More than half of advertisers and agency media executives do not currently use and have no plans ot utilize mobile advertising, according to findings of a fall 2007 survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions.

– The survey, which polled 2,047 ad executives on a variety of media issues and perceptions found that only 26% currently use mobile advertising, and only 20% plan to use it in the next six months.

– That is about the same level of usage indicated among ad executives when Advertiser Perceptions conducted its last semi-annual survey in the Spring of 2007.

Not too encouraging for advertisers, but we’ve seen results all over the board with regard to mobile ad surveys, so we suggest taking these latest results with a grain of salt.

Mobile Isn’t Very, Advertisers Seem Stuck In Terms Of Using New Ad Medium [MediaPost]