Mobile ad platform Flurry launches new video ad solution to increase publisher revenue


Mobile analytics and advertising platform Flurry has announced its next-generation video advertising solution for publishers, aimed at maximizing app revenue via a series of customizable user experience options. Flurry’s latest SDK offers major benefits for publishers, which combined to result in a 5x lift in revenue during the solution’s beta testing.

One major benefit, says Flurry, is the high-quality playback of pre-cached video ads. Publishers can tailor the app’s user experience with a combination of skippable / non-skippable and auto-play / user-initiated playback controls. In doing so, advertisers are given better exposure, and campaigns result in higher conversions. Videos can be either 15 or 30 seconds in length, and can be bundled with rewards to incentivize user engagement.

In addition, Flurry Persona, the company’s age and gender audience data, is connected to every Flurry impression. The more data publishers receive, the more knowledge they’ll have in crafting targeted campaigns going forward.

“Video has become the most effective mobile ad format for both advertisers and publishers. We are excited to combine the market-leading Flurry Video network with the powerful VAST-enabled video capabilities of the Flurry RTB Marketplace,” said Prashant Fuloria, Chief Product Officer at Flurry. “By combining the two, and by providing superior video caching and playback capabilities, we look forward to helping more marketing dollars flow to mobile app publishers.”

During beta testing, Episode developer Pocket Gems saw a 5x boost in its Flurry-generated revenue from Flurry Video.

“Pocket Gems puts the player experience above all else when creating a new mobile product,” added Michael Dawson, VP of Business Development at Pocket Gems. “We value Flurry’s ability to help increase our revenue while providing high-quality video ad experiences that keep players engaged.

Flurry’s new video solution is available now on iOS, and is coming soon to Android.