Mobclix Provides Detailed Analytics for iPhone Developers

As the number of developers building apps for the iPhone continues to grow, the iPhone app monetization and analytics ecosystem to grow.

Many companies who build apps for the iPhone have started using Mobclix for app metrics. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based business states that of the applications make use of their services, 75% have been on the “Top 100 Free App” list in the iPhone app store. MobClix was named a finalist in the TechCrunch50 and was a SeedCamp winner back in 2008.

Mobclix provides analytics data that extends beyond simple traffic and download data. App creators can anonymously set up measurements for last-completed levels, session length, and favorite settings.

Mobclix also helps with monetization by coupling analytics with yield optimization. The company’s advertising network can help app developers achieve 100 percent fill rates (and thus higher eCPMs). It can serve interactive ads that make use of the iPhone or iPod Touch’s accelerometer and touch capabilities.

Finally, the Mobclix package provides social distribution hooks. Developers can virally distribute through Facebook Connect, Twitter, and Open Social.

The services offered by companies like Mobclix are becoming more and more necessary as developers look to “[cut] down the overhead of my integration,” says Mike Sanford, CEO of FlipSide5  (a company currently making use of Mobclix). “By leveraging [Mobclix] yield optimization, we’ve been able to consistently outperform the market on eCPMs and revenue generation.”

Access to these types of analytics are becoming almost a requirement for anyone looking to break into the iPhone market in a meaningful way.