Mobclix: iTunes App Store Growing 38% Per Month

To showcase the new capabilities in its analytics software, Mobclix released some data it collected from the iPhone App Store over the past three months:

* Over 800 million iPhone apps downloaded.

* Over 31,000 iPhone apps in the App Store.

* $1 billion marketplace in the next 24 months.

* The App Store is growing at an average of 38% per month, with an average of 200 applications being released daily.

* Pricing Trends: 23% of apps are free; 49% cost 99 cents.

* Buzz Index: 60% of all comments made are regarding free apps; 16% are made around 99-cent apps.

* Device Breakdown: 56% are iPhones; 43% are iPod touches.

* Data Usage: 58% Wi-Fi traffic; 33% carrier traffic; 9% none (due to the lack of a data connection on the iPod touch).