mobally releases mobile commerce platform API for rapid development of native retail apps

Mobally 650

Mobile commerce company mobally has announced the release of its mobile engagement shopping platform API, aimed at helping businesses quickly create and release native retail apps on mobile. The move should help developers and businesses capitalize on the growing number of mobile shoppers, as apps created with the platform can offer the same features as a desktop experience, but with on-the-go freedom.

Using mobally’s platform, developers can create apps using their business’s existing e-commerce platforms, including payment and shipping solutions. Apps can contain global search options, featured product streams, social sharing features, the ability to mark items as favorites, registered user accounts and “one-click checkout” options, among other tools.

During its soft launch over the past year, apps created with mobally’s platform have reportedly shown up to 30 percent increases in mobile conversions and over 20 percent higher customer loyalty when compared to traditional mobile shopping experiences.

“mobally is addressing the need for retailers to get serious about mobile shopping and to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to present customers with a sophisticated and individualized mobile shopping experience,” said Ganesh Patil, CEO of mobally.

“There are too many large retail brands out there that are using hybrid or web-based apps that are simply not capable of delivering on the user experience nor the retail opportunity. mobally makes professional retail apps a reality while providing the tools to really transform relationships with individual shoppers, thereby drastically increasing conversion rates and mobile commerce revenues.”