M:Metrics to Track Mobile Ads

MocoNews reports that M:Metrics is moving forward with its mobile advertising monitoring program, M:AdTracker, and that the Seattle-based mobile data collector has also struck a partnership deal with the British Market Research Bureau.

The product of their joint venture, TGI M:Metrics, is designed to “provide mobile media usage stats for marketing strategies and advertising campaigns,” the report said. Similar to Nielsen Mobile, M:AdTracker will monitor “who’s advertising what, where and when” on mobile sites, according to a statement from Will Hodgman, M:Metrics’ president and CEO.

As MocoNews puts it, the “intelligence gathering promised by M:AdTracker seems similar to Nielsen’s AdRelevance product, which offers marketers a general view of how and where their competitors are advertising online. (Hodgman also founded AdRelevance.) M:AdTracker is being rolled out in the US now, with a European version coming next year.

“While M:Metrics is unveiling these services as a way of competing against more established measurement firms like Nielsen and TNS Media Intelligence,” the report said, “the company’s moves also reflect the industry’s demand that companies do more than provide data from panel-based sampling methods.”

M:Metrics To Monitor Mobile Ad Activity; Strikes JV With British Market Research Bureau [MocoNews]