MMA Issues Marketing Conduct Guidelines

The Mobile Marketing Association has come out with a new Global Code of Conduct, guidelines that it says all mobile marketers should follow when building their marketing initiatives.

Developed by the MMA’s North America Privacy Committee with input from MMA regional directors in Asia-Pac, Latin America and EMEA, the Code updates revisions introduced last year.

Built around generally accepted global privacy principles, the Code includes five categories:

– Notice
– Choice & Consent
– Customization & Constraint
– Security
– Enforcement & Accountability

For details on the sections, click continued.

“It is the heart and soul of the MMA to ensure a positive, consistent consumer experience, encouraging marketers to get the consumer interaction right first time round so that mobile interactions from brands are not viewed negatively,” MMA president Laura Marriott said regarding the new guidelines. “The MMA Global Code of Conduct creates clear and consistent global guidelines for the careful treatment of each and every consumer interaction to help build a sustainable industry for mobile marketing.”

The MMA Global Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

Notice: The fundamental principle of the MMA Privacy Code of Conduct, informing users of the marketers’ identity or products and services offered and the key terms and conditions that govern an interaction between the marketer and the user’s mobile device.

Choice & Consent: Respecting the right of the user to control which mobile messages they receive by obtaining consent (opt-in) and implementing a simple termination (opt-out) process.

Customization & Constraint: Ensuring that collected user information is used to tailor communication to the interests of the recipient and is handled responsibly, sensitively and in compliance with applicable law. Mobile messages should be limited to those requested by the user and provide value such as product and service enhancements, contests, requested information, entertainment or discounts.

Security: The implementation of reasonable technical, administrative and physical procedures to protect user information from unauthorized use, alteration, disclosure, distribution, or access.

Enforcement & Accountability: The MMA expects its members to comply with the MMA Privacy Code of Conduct and has incorporated the Code into applicable MMA Guidelines, including the U.S. Consumer Best Practice (CBP) Guidelines. Until the Code can be enforced effectively by a third-party enforcement organization, mobile marketers are expected to use evaluations of their practices to certify compliance with the Code.

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