MixPanel Signs Chinese Social Game Developer Five Minutes

MixPanel, a provider of advanced social game metrics, recently signed a deal to provide their metrics services for Chinese social games developer, Five Minutes. Five Minutes has created some of the biggest social gaming hist including Happy Farm and has an overall 23 million daily active users.

MixPanel provides something called ‘funnel analytics’ which allows developers to determine where users are leaving their game, and then attempt to create ways to keep them inside the game at that point. Looking at their site’s section dedicated to social games, we can see that they really understand the sector, with emphasis on A/B testing, real-time analytics, customizable event tracking and more.

Certainly, analytics is going to be an integral part of the social gaming sphere as we move forward, and game developers and designers are going to need to differentiate between their own tools and the tools that are available on the market. The question then becomes build, license or buy for big social gaming companies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a top social games maker eventually ate up a top social analytics provider.