Mixpanel launches in-app notifications tool to increase and track user engagement


Mobile analytics company Mixpanel has announced its new in-app notifications tool, allowing developers to target specific groups of users and broadcast messages to them instantly. These messages help users stay up-to-date with developer notifications, and may include prompts to download app updates, news about in-app sales and more.

The Mixpanel platform allows developers to upload images and add text to their messages before sending them to targeted user groups. Messages may be sent to users who have failed to download the latest app version, or those who found the app through a Twitter campaign, among other factors. These messages can include links, taking users directly to an upgrade or update page, as well as the app or game’s in-app store.

Messages can be sent in full-screen format to instantly attract user attention, or in smaller sizes as “mini notifications.” These in-app notifications avoid a common issue with traditional push notifications, which can be turned off or just ignored.

After notifications are sent, developers can use the Mixpanel dashboard to track engagement stats and conversion rates, among other data.

“In-app notifications are an easy way to communicate with users and track their responses,” said Suhail Doshi, CEO of Mixpanel. “After setup, no coding is required — what you write is what you get, and Mixpanel will make the message look beautiful. This makes it easier than ever to act on analytics and discover new insights that truly matter to the business.”

More information about the Mixpanel platform can be found on the company’s website.

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