Mixpanel launches Activity Feed to help understand individual user activity

Mobile and web analytics provider Mixpanel launched today a new feature called Activity Feed, an events-based timeline of every action a customer takes in an app from the first time they open the app to the present.

Since each customer uses an app differently, Activity Feed aims to help developers improve their app by looking at a visual timeline of every action in an app and understanding individual customer behavior. With Activity Feed, developers can see what features customers use the most or understand why customers are abandoning an app based on what they are or aren’t doing.

Activity Feed is available starting today and is free to existing Mixpanel People Analytics customers. The People Analytics product which launched in July allows customers to view profiles of each visitor to their website or user of their app, and also to view aggregate data.

“We’re helping companies track engagement for any particular customer, so that they can understand how to improve their products,” Mixpanel co-founder Suhail Doshi told Inside Mobile Apps.

Mixpanel recently launched Engage, an events-driven analytics platform that takes insight from data to deliver relevant automated notifications via email or push notifications.

Doshi said that the issue Mixpanel has seen is that understanding what a company’s customers are doing is quite hard, but taking action on that information is even harder.

“The big problem that we see is companies are having a hard time on mobile, understanding how their users are actually using their applications.”

Mixpanel was incubated by Y Combinator and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Keith Rabois, Max Rabois, Max Levchin and Michael Birch. The company has received $12 million in funding to date.

Below is a sample of an Activity Feed: