Mixpanel Releases In-Depth iPhone Analytics Tool

Last year, Mixpanel released its tools and found its first clients for its Facebook app analytics tool. Today the company is expanding onto another platform: the iPhone.

There are already a few iPhone analytics tools out there. Flurry is well known, as well as Distimo, and there are others like Motally and Medialets. Jeremy Richardson, the head of business development for Mixpanel, likens these other services to Google Analytics — mostly free and aimed at relatively simple use-cases.

What’s needed, according to Mixpanel, is a heavy-duty analytics program that tracks every move users make within an app, allowing the same exacting optimization that game developers employ on Facebook.

There have been bumpy spots in the past for iPhone analytics programs. Steve Jobs has spoken out against advertising-oriented analytics firms like Flurry, and in April, Apple changed the rules for analytics companies, apparently giving itself an option to kick out analytics services. Mixpanel will probably get a pass for being aimed at helping to improve apps.

“Analytics are crucial for social gaming. Our customers literally tweak their product every hour of every day,” says Richardson. “Right now social gaming people are always iterating and looking at analytics. IPhone developers may not be doing that, but once they have the tools to do it they’ll probably develop that mindset as well.”

Mixpanel’s iPhone library works much like its Facebook javascript library does; developers simply tag sections of their code with trackers that report back specific data on usage. After that, the app only needs an internet connection.

For now, Mixpanel’s iPhone analytics will use the same pricing plans as its Facebook services. Below is a video showing more: