MixerCast Announces $6 Million Series B

Mixercast LogoWhile the market may not be very rosey today the venture market still appears to be hot. Today, MixerCast will announce a $6 million round of funding. Initially launched as a widget based slide show player, MixerCast provides a robust suite that enables users to inlcude video, music, interactive ads and third party widgets into a single application. This can then be deployed across multiple social networks.

MixerCast appears to be entering an interesting space. It sounds as though their new suite is a sort of meta-level in between traditional widgets provided by Clearspring, RockYou and Slide and social applications. It’s truly impressive how fast this space is expanding and with their second round of funding, MixerCast stands out among the other well-funded players. Peter Kafka reported yesterday that the social networking space will continue to be hot in 2008.

MixerCast appears to be providing a solution extremely similar to Clearspring and other widget distribution solutions. As their company bio reads, “MixerCast,” is “the creator of the MCast Suite of social media marketing tools and services, enables content publishers and advertisers to reach audiences across all social networks.” As Duncan Riley pointed out last year though, MixerCast’s primary differentiator may be their incorporation of licensed content.

While MixerCast may find it challenging to stand out from the crowd, their new round of financing will surely keep them afloat while they try to find new expansion models. MixerCast expects to benefit from OpenSocial once they finally launch and given their extremely robust suite of tools they may just succeed. This is an early stage market though and the stakes are high. It will be interesting to see if MixerCast can position themselves as a leader in the space.