Mitchell Helps Biden Remember His Oscar Pick

Don’t put V.P. Joe Biden in charge of the Oscars anytime soon – unless he plans to bring NBC’s Andrea Mitchell along for the ride. As V.P. Joe Biden failed to remember the name of his own Oscar favorite, “Avator”, during an interview on her MSNBC show “Andrea Mitchell Reports” this afternoon, the longtime journalist graciously helped him along.

An excerpt from Mitchell’s interview with Biden:

Biden, 67, eventually predicted that “Avatar” would won win “Best Picture”.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: And I think one of the odds-on favorites, Jill didn’t do with me, is this new program that I looked at and I wish I was seeing it in 3-D and you sit there and you watch this science fiction thing unfold in front of you.

MS. MITCHELL: “Avatar?”

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “Avatar.” The magic of it is kind of overwhelming. There are some other real good ones out there, but I predict “Avatar” will win.

MS. MITCHELL: All right. We’ll hold you to that.