Misery Loves Company: WSJ.com to Launch Comments Feature

WSJcom.190.jpgThe markets are tumbling, the dollar is plunging, bad, bad things that we don’t quite yet understand are afoot on Wall Street. However! On the (very small) bright side of things, if you can still afford a WSJ subscription you will now be able to take out your tears and frustrations in the soon to be re-launched WSJ.com, which will feature among other things a comments section.

According to today’s Times while many of the WSJ.com’s features will remain the same (including a firewall barring non-subscribers) the website is getting ready to dip into the choppy waters of the commentariat.

New community features will allow WSJ.com’s million or so paid online subscribers to comment on every story, pose their own discussion questions, e-mail each other and set up profiles that will allow others to see what they’re doing on the site…In other words, WSJ.com will offer a social network for business professionals, built around the content of the newspaper and Web site but not limited to it. It’s what the Journal’s advertising side likes to call “a clean, well-lit place” where its readers can talk with like-minded souls about everything from the Lehman meltdown to the best business-class hotels in Shanghai.
We’re not saying that WSJ.com subscribers aren’t an upstanding bunch but show a “clean well-lit” comments section and we’ll show you, hmmm, a happy Lehman employee?