Misdirected Anger?

Did Michael Wilbon misplace his anger recently when he picked on Style section writers generally and Paul Farhi specifically?

    They wouldn’t know how to write on deadline if their lives depended on it, in some cases. …So, when the first piece ran I said some rather harsh things about the writer, which I neither regret nor take back even though I have enjoyed his work, lots of it.

By our estimations, Paul Farhi is easily among the most prolific writers in the section (besides the regular columnists or film critics).

Our rough byline count from the past 60 days puts Fahri at 16, well ahead of some of his comrades:

J. Freedom du Lac: 14
Teresa Wiltz: 12
Hank Stuever: 11
Jacqueline Trescott: 10
Linton Weeks: 10
Gene Weingarten: 10
William Booth: 10
Jose Antonio Vargas: 10
David Segal: 8
DeNeen L. Brown: 7
Darragh Johnson: 7
Libby Copeland: 6
Jennifer Frey: 6
Lynne Duke: 5
Wil Haygood: 5
David Montgomery: 5
Neely Tucker: 5
Lonnae O’Neal Parker: 4
Laura Sessions Stepp: 3
Lisa Frazur: 1