Miracle Machine Makers Admits Making Gadget Hoax to Raise Awareness for Nonprofit

In a video announcement, the makers of the Miracle Machine came clean about their elaborate publicity stunt, a machine that can turn water into wine, using a few special additives. You may remember, we shared it here. We were not the only ones, the fake project garnered ” over 500 million media impressions as more than 200,000 people watched the Miracle Machine video, nearly 600 media outlets around the world covered the story, 6,000 people tweeted about it, and 7,000 people signed up for a potential crowd-funding platform to invest in the faux machine.”

While the intention of the founders of the Miracle Machine, or Wine to Water has good intentions, we wonder if the move was a wise one. In the wake of the news, many users came forward on Vimeo to express their frustration about the guilt marketing:


miracle water