mIQ Backup Service For Android

BestBuy Mobile has launched a new backup service for mobile phones called m:IQ that initially only supports Android, but will also support Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones as well. The mIQ Android app runs in the background and backs up contacts, text messages, call history, appointments, photos and videos to the mIQ servers as changes are made on your phone. You can then access that information via the miQ Live web site, and then if you like, share that information with friends on Facebook or Twitter. One nice feature of the service is that it will also automatically share photos with Flickr, which is where I like to store my photos.
Unfortunately, I cannot run mIQ on my Nexus One because I have upgraded it to Android 2.2 and it only works with Android 2.1, though mIQ plans to release an update for Android 2.2 very soon. The mIQ application doesn’t even appear in the Android Market on my phone. However, I have had some experience with Dashwire, which mIQ is a Best Buy branded version.
Dashwire was developed by Ford Davidson, who left Microsoft’s mobile devices group to create the product, and has existed for Windows Mobile for some time. When it first released Dashwire was sold directly to consumers, but in October 2009 the company decided to license it’s platform to mobile operators, device makers, and retailers, and Best Buy is the first company to license the platform.
When I last used Dashwire on Windows Mobile the service worked very well. My problem with it was that it did not provide enough control over what I could prevent from synchronizing, and I did not want to synchronize my business contacts to their server. While I have a backup of my contacts and appointments on my Nexus One with Google, I don’t have the same for text messages, call history, and most importantly, my photos. While you can always manually back up those items to a PC, the mIQ app will do that for me without having to do anything, so I am looking forward to trying it out when it supports Android 2.2.