Minneapolis/St. Paul Go For the Quick Fix Design on I-35


Looks like St. Paul and Minneapolis didn’t get the big designer they were after in finding a replacement design for the fallen I-35 bridge. You’ll recall that, a couple of months back, we reported on the movement in the city to try and get a “name” to lay out the plans for the bridge, but it turns out that swiftness led the way and the city has gone with Linda Figg and Flatiron as the winners of the contract. But even that selection isn’t the end of it, as now a whole mess of trouble has been stirred up, including lawsuits by the two other firms who didn’t win the bid.

…an attorney representing two of the losing teams said he’s not happy that MnDOT signed a contract immediately after the ruling. Dean Thomson, who represents Maple Grove-based C.S. McCrossan and Burnsville-based Ames Construction, says he’ll examine the ruling and will then determine a next step. He said a lawsuit, which could delay construction, is a possibility, especially since Flatiron’s price-tag is so much higher.

“This is $57 million at issue here. What we will do is actually take a look at the proposals and see whether this is truly worth $57 million more at a time when MnDOT has will be in the red in the near future,” Thomson said.