Minneapolis Star Tribune Beats No-Camera Rule at Secretive Gridiron Dinner

Forget about Minnesota Nice. Try Minnesota sneaky.

A devious source from the Minneapolis Star Tribune pulled a fast one on the Gridiron Club this weekend, as they captured footage of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) giving her speech at what is typically a fairly secretive affair. The controversial rule has long irked Washington journalists — especially C-SPAN — who cringe at such a perceived antiquated rule at the annual dinner.

And how rich is this? “Video produced by Kevin Diaz,” the Star Tribune states brashly on their web site. Diaz is the newspaper’s Chief Washington Correspondent.

Watch here.

UPDATE: We sought comment from Gridiron Club President Chuck Lewis of Hearst. He declined to comment.

UPDATE #2: The Star Tribune‘s Kevin Diaz, reached by phone, remarked, “There were dozens of people in there who had iPhones. Welcome to the digital age. It’s 2013, people have iPhones. I’m not a member. I’ve only been to a couple of these things before. I inquired and I was told what what they didn’t want was people blogging and tweeting while the show was going on. [Which Diaz said he abided by.] I believe an announcement was made that the President’s quote was let ‘er rip. I was there as an invited guest. I was simply trying to supply something for a blog. Again, it’s 2013. I don’t think the Gridiron Club is going to be able to censor people with devices.”