Mini-Podcast 9: LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Sound Quality Sample & Info About Multi-PC Syncing

I bought the 2GB model of the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen last week. The Pulse can record everything written/drawn and records audio that it associates with specific words and drawing on the page. It requires paper with special microdots printed on it. But, the pre-printed notebooks are reasonably priced and available through places like

After speaking with a very courteous and knowledgeable tech support person (using their tollfree support number), I learned that contrary to what I had read, you can sync the pen to more than one computer. You simply need to remember not to delete sessions before syncing with all the computers if you want copies everywhere (very reasonable, IMHO). I also learned that you can sync the same Pulse Smartpen to both a Mac and Windows PC. And, in fact, I’ve now synced the Pulse to my Mac, a PC running Windows Vista and my netbook running Windows 7 Release Candidate.

Sample of digitally recorded ink image from LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen

You can hear an example of audio recording while I was writing a few notes at the end of the mini-podcast embedded here. You can see the written notes associated with the spoken words (hence the pauses while I spoke) above.

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