Mini Photo Tour of Verizon Wireless LTE Switch in Hawaii

Verizon Wireless kindly allowed a bunch of gadget fans to tour their switch facility in Hawaii during lunch on Thursday. This included a discussion of their LTE 4G wireless data rollout and the LTE components involved. LTE coverage in Hawaii is limited to Honolulu International Airport at the moment. When I asked about a wider rollout, I was simply told that full rollout will be achieved by 2013 and to expect to see progress in 2011.

The photo to the left is the network monitoring room adjacent to the actual Verizon Wireless switch room. I should note that all of these photos were taken with permission from Verizon Wireless from perscribed photography vantage points and distances.

This is Verizon Wireless’ switch room. It includes voice, 3G, and 4G facilities.

This is a view of some of the ceiling cabling in the switch room.

The two large structures here are twin 8000 gallon fuel tanks to provide emergency generator power. The facility also includes enough standby battery power to provide 18 hours of service even if both generators failed to start up.