• Maxim’s Eric Gillin: “This isn’t Esquire” In our own MB “How To Pitch” section, there’s a beefed-up pitching primer for Maxim, wherein entertainment editor Gillin points out the obvious: at Maxim, you don’t “get to explore the meaning of life in your article; we make jokes, and we don’t waste our words.” They are, of course, a little less sparing with their pictures, and this month’s issue reminds us that we also have a girl crush on Kelly Monaco from “Dancing With The Stars.” [MB]
  • Imposters! How dare you! Only I can blog about my fabulous and fascinating sex life! Over at Lindsayism we discover that Judith Regan-approved bloggerista Stephanie Klein has flicked an imperious hand and demanded that parody site Tale of Two Sisters be taken down for “copyright infringement.” To quote from Lindsay’s post: “The irony of a woman whose blog is for all intents and purposes a blatant rip-off of Sex and the City trying to shut down another blog for “copyright infringement” is pretty astounding.” Wouldn’t it be funny if the New York Sun tried to do the same thing to the NRO for Myrna Blyth’s column? [Lindsayism]
  • Myrna Blyth says ‘star’ editors are history We weren’t sure if you’d heard. Her National Review column today is pretty much a graf-for-graf rendering of her similar column two days ago for the New York Sun. We totally just borrowed that line from ourselves, but apparently that’s allowed. [FishbowlNY]