Mini Back to Basics iPad User Inteface Design Movement? WeatherStation & Touch LCD

Two apps out of more than a quarter million doesn’t exactly constitute a movement. But, I found it interesting that the current #1 free iPad App (WeatherStation Free) and #7 paid app (Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock) both feature minimal graphics and color.
The simple interface designs and reduced color palette does a lot, in my opinion, for easily visually identifying information on the iPad’s screen and then interpreting the informaton. This, it turns out, is much appreciated for information like time (Touch LCD) and weather (WeatherStation). Most people want to simply glance at the iPad’s screen, get the most important piece of information and then, perhaps, scan the screen for other information.
I think we’ll see other apps with this kind of minimalist design emerge soon. Of course, this will be appropriate for only for some apps. Be prepared for annoying overuse and over-minimalization too.
Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock ($1.99 in the iTunes App Store)
WeatherStation Free