Minecraft – Pocket Edition surpasses 10 million sales mark

Swedish independent game developer Mojang today announced that Minecraft – Pocket Edition surpassed the 10 million sales mark as of yesterday.

“We are very thankful to all the support that we have gotten and people playing and talking about our game,” says Daniel Kaplan, business developer at Mojang, in a blog post today.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the sandbox indie title that first launched in 2009. The premium-priced mobile game app. which is priced at $6.99 and features no in-app purchases, has remained in the top 25 on the top grossing iOS and Android apps charts for months, despite competing against the slew of free-to-play games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans that take up a majority of the top spots on the charts.

Pocket Edition released in late 2011 and is currently available for iOS and Android, and has remained at the same price point since launch.

At the beginning of 2013, Mojang released download figures for its sandbox building game on PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade and mobile. Downloads for Minecraft – Pocket Edition exceeded 280,000 on Christmas Day alone, 700,000 during Christmas week and 5.8 million in all of 2012. Assuming the title sold at $6.99 at all times in 2012, Mojang generated more than $41 million in gross revenue (before the app stores standard 30 percent cut).

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iOS is the No. 4 ranked app on both the iPhone and iPad top paid apps charts, and ranked No. 4 on the top grossing iPad apps chart and No. 18 on the top grossing iPhone apps chart. For Android, Pocket Edition landed at the No. 4 spot on the top paid Android apps chart and the No. 24 position on the top grossing Android apps chart.