Mindy Kaling Helps Google Teach Girls to Code

Mindy Kaling

Pic via Taylor Hill/Filmmagic for Google

We’re all aware that the tech world faces a gender balance issue that is much more than just a simple “public relations problem”. We recently posted on a coming documentary designed to highlight female entrepreneurs, but Google is spending millions of bucks to address the lack of women in the coding community–and they picked an unlikely celebrity to help spread the message: actress/writer Mindy Kaling.

This morning Kaling explained a bit more about the strategy and her status as spokeswoman for “geeky” girls everywhere in an interview with WNYC’s New Tech City.

Kaling on the basic challenge:

“I was intimidated by coding…I thought it was for my older brother…I didn’t feel particularly encouraged to do it by teachers either…it seems very solitary.”

On why the initiative is so important (from Refinery29):

“There are all these jobs to be had. Google is actively saying they want to hire female coders, and when you have such a reputable, worldwide organization that is literally saying they want to recruit you, it’s just silly for women not to chase that.”

Chelsea Clinton joined Kaling to launch the general initiative earlier this month at an event in New York, where Google X VP Megan Smith told attendees:

“We need a lot more kids to come to computer science…These are incredibly fun jobs! Tech is just like learning to read and write.”

Here’s the full WNYC interview, which is worth a listen: