MindJolt Partners With BIM to Publish Casual Games

Online portal and casual game app MindJolt is finding opportunities away from social networks. The company has partnered with Broadcast Interactive Media, which runs websites for local media outlets around the country.

BIM’s properties give MindJolt access to an additional 110 million people monthly, in addition to those it reaches through its own website and Facebook, where it has an app with 10 million users and publishes almost 20 more titles.

Web publishing of casual titles is not a new business; quite a few companies, like Oberon Media, do the same. MindJolt’s strategic edge will be in monetizing the games it publishes.

In November, MindJolt publicly announced AdJolt, a monetization platform including both ads and micro-transaction tools. It also said that it has over $20 million in yearly revenue, helping to account for the over $20 million put into the company when it was acquired in March.

It’s also worth noting that MindJolt isn’t giving up on Facebook; along with its growing number of published games, we’ve noticed that the company has its own cross-promotion bar, shown below, which it may plan on expanding in the future.

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