MindJolt Claims Success in Monetizing Games

We haven’t heard a great deal from MindJolt since the company was bought for $20 million by a group led by former MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, way back in March. But the company has come just back into the news with the announcement of AdJolt, a monetization product for third-party developers.

MindJolt has always focused on publishing small casual games that aren’t good standalone products. For AdJolt, it’s sticking with that base, providing both a targeted ad platform and a set of tools to add virtual currency and powerups to games, according to TechCrunch. And, like other web companies, it’s looking at ways into the iPhone and iPad.

The company claims over $20 million in revenue, as well as having kept up its user numbers over the course of the year. In terms of traffic, that’s not the view that an observer of Facebook would get; when DeWolfe picked up MindJolt, the company was approaching an all-time high of over 21 million monthly active users and 3.5 million daily actives. Both numbers are now halved. However, other social gaming companies on Facebook have grown revenues even as traffic has fallen through using better payment flows, incentives to buy virtual goods, and other methods, and it’s possible that MindJolt has done that as well.

But MindJolt’s attention seems to be on other platforms. And the company’s new business is more akin to Mochi Media, which was acquired for $80 million earlier this year. Both focus on monetizing other developers, taking a significant cut — MindJolt’s will be 50 percent of revenues.

We’ll be examining which alternative social platforms offer the best opportunities for distribution and monetization in 2011 at Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011, happening January 25th in San Francisco.