Mind Candy’s World of Warriors Launches on iOS

World of WarriorsMoshi Monsters company Mind Candy is continuing to branch out and target news kinds of gamers with the release of World of Warriors on iOS devices. The game blends mechanics from the fighting and RPG genres to create an experience that will appeal to console gamers, as players battle across the Wildlands collecting the greatest warriors in history, from ninjas to knights and vikings, among others.

In World of Warriors, players start with a single warrior and can recruit additional units over time. Each unit has an elemental affinity, and performs best against units of one other elemental type (think “rock, paper, scissors”). In the game’s single-player mode, users complete level-based battles against enemies using reflex and timing-based attacks.

Battles are turn-based, and on their turn, players tap on the attack symbol to activate a power meter on a sword at the bottom of the screen. When the moving line on the meter hits a red area on the sword, players tap again to unleash their attack on the enemy. The closer the line was to the actual red area of the sword, the more damage done to the enemy.

After each turn, the enemy attacks and players can tap on blue and red orbs that appear on the screen to recharge their warrior’s mana and health. Mana is used to activate each warrior’s special power. One warrior may have the power to heal itself and its teammates, for instance, while another unleashes a fire-based attack on opponents, and so on. These special attacks are activated with different, but still timing-based actions on the screen.World of WarriorsAfter battle, the participating warriors receive experience points. When their XP bar is full, the warrior can be sent to training camp to actually level-up. This increase’s the units health, defense and strength stats, but training takes time to complete. Players can wait for this time to elapse naturally, or spend premium currency to finish the process instantly. Each battle requires energy to begin, which also takes time to recharge or can be purchase instantly.

Players can recruit new warriors by spending various currencies, including premium currency, at temples. The premium temple rewards players with rarer, and therefore stronger units for their team.

While the game’s single-player mode is available now, player-vs-player combat is expected to launch in an update in Q1 2015. In addition, Guilds are expected to launch in Q3 2015 for additional social gameplay. Right now, players can compete in daily and weekly events, and will complete achievements for rewards over time (including gems used to recruit new warriors).

“With World of Warriors, we’ve taken care to build a console-quality combat strategy adventure that will appeal to a wide range of gamers,” said Michael Acton Smith, founder of Mind Candy, in a statement. “Fans will quickly see how dedicated we are to making World of Warriors our next hit franchise, with regular updates to the game, emphasis on building our global community and several brand extensions that will make the most of the game’s rich story and characters.”

World of Warriors is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.