Milton Glaser Gets *Heart*ed

iloveNY.jpgTechnical difficulties (read MT getting a little stroppy) has prevented us from getting to our dear beloved bloggery until now, which is tragic only because we found something cool.

BusinessWeek thoroughly introduces us to Milton Glaser, designer of the iconic I *heart* NY logo. Which we learn, fascinatingly, was designed in the back of a cab after he’d already submitted his first logo to the New York State Commerce Department. Story talks about his history, his designs, his general awesomeness:

“His clarity and creativity are intimately intertwined,” says Paul Goldberger, the dean of the New School and the architecture critic of The New Yorker. “In his concise and brilliant way, he’s able to say something that in someone else’s hands is ordinary but in his becomes special and utterly clear.”

Wow, Paul. Moving up. Last we heard he was Dean of Parsons the New School for Design.