Millman Meets ‘Ideas’


Isn’t it nice when your out somewhere with a bunch of pals and you see your friends who’ve just met each other getting along famously? That’s probably a bit of stretch for this occasion, since we figure the two parties already knew each other, but it was a quick intro into this piece and we’re going with it. Anyway, Eric Karjaluoto over at Ideas on Ideas has met up with our old pal Debbie Millman for an interview. Debbie, who many of our readers probably already know quite well, is the brains behind Sterling Brands and the popular podcast Design Matters. And beyond those two outlets, as well as her blog, if you still can’t get enough of her, or you’re just getting to know her, this should provide a nice little excursion for you. Here’s a bit:

I think that packaging and brand design are not just about design anymore. There is no more “mass market” in which to target a product. There is no one demographic picture of the planet. I recently saw cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken speak, and he discussed how while lifestyle typologies expanded to first 3, then 6, then 9 and then 12 typologies-there is now too much variation and we have reached categorical exhaustion. As a result, I have come to believe that the term brand design ultimately undermines the job we do as brand consultants, marketers, designers and strategists. Brand design is not only about design. It is the perfect, meticulously crafted balance of cultural anthropology, behavioral psychology, commerce and creativity.