Millions of Users Dumbfounded by New Facebook Design

The backlash against Facebook has continued to spread ad Facebook rolls out the new site design. One group, “1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT!” has surged and will most likely surpass two million users later today. Another group, “Petition Against the ‘New Facebook’” has over 1.35 million members. It’s not just the group members that don’t like the new profile.

A number of people I’ve spoken to over the past week are extremely frustrated by the new design. There are even a few developers that have been negatively impacted by the new design with an enormous amount of traffic disappearing as a result. What exactly quantifies an “enormous” amount? Well some developers have seen traffic decrease by as much as 20 percent.

A number of other developers have seen a steady flow of traffic to their applications across the board. One ad network I spoke with hasn’t seen revenue impacted at all so it appears that some applications are suffering while others continue to experience significant growth. A very large portion of users I’ve spoken with don’t like the new Facebook design because the changes are so substantial.

Ultimately I suspect that the majority of the backlash will subside over the coming months but those users who are resistant to change will not like the upgrade. After a few months of user education, people will become used to the new design. While certain portions of the site will receive less traffic due to the new design (the “Boxes” tab on the profile page for example), the new design will soon become the standard, making it no longer “new”.