Millions Making Millions on Second Life


Now that we’ve successfully gone the three months we promised you in between stories about Second Life, a phenomenon we still don’t get at all but are, like probably the majority of you, are fascinated by (but not fascinated enough to, you know, actually try the stupid thing), here’s an interesting story from NewsFactor about Millions of Us, a firm who helps corporations get into the online environment. Or, rather, the companies come to the firm with wheelbarrows of cash and say, “We read about this thing in the Journal, we don’t understand it, and will you please take this money to help us do something?” Here’s some:

“Second Life” now boasts more than 3 million registered users worldwide, and Linden Lab estimates around 1.3 million users logged onto the realm in the past month. Companies pitching everything from virtual T-shirts to entertainment have followed the crowd.

Since launching in July, Millions of Us has done projects for General Motors Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., Warner Bros. Records, Microsoft Corp., 20th Century Fox, Intel Corp. and rapper Jay-Z, among others. Other major companies that have established a presence in “Second Life” include IBM Corp., Dell Inc., CNet Networks Inc. and Adidas AG.