Milli Vanilli’s Morvan Making A Comeback

Fab Morvan, left, and Rob Pilatus

It’s the comeback we’ve been waiting for!  Fab Morvan, half of the disgraced pop group Milli Vanilli (sadly, Rob Pilatus died in 1998)  is back on the scene. has footage of Morvan singing – for real, this time – the classic “Girl You Know It’s True.” He’s doing the running man! And there’s a Milli Vanilli movie in the works.

“But I want ‘Milli Vanilli’ to mean when you fall, you stand up and go forward. And no one can take that away from you,” Morvan says.

Unlike the dark ages of 1990 when fan backlash and bad press ended an entertainer’s career, the Internet and reality programming of today give Morvan tons of options, whether you have talent or not.

For your viewing/listening pleasure, throwback video after the jump.