What you need to know about all things Miller/Rove/Libby/Fitzgerald/Cheney/etc. today (and trust me, the rumors and speculation are flying like the birds in Winged Migration…because, well, that’s what birds do):

Lots of, what Slate’s Eric Umansky calls, specula-news:

  • New York Times editorial page still silent…Washington Post ed. board? Not so much
  • Fitzgerald may not issue a final report, but that doesn’t mean that indictments won’t come down…In fact, it may assure them.
  • Now they’re saying indictments aren’t expected this week. Oh, the humanity…
  • Ed Gillespie says this is worse than Watergate.
  • Jacob Weisberg tells Dems not to get giddy over this.
  • Jack Cafferty fits Karl Rove for a jump suit.
  • Did Cheney leak to Andrea Mitchell?
  • Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak.”
  • Some “senior White House official has flipped in leak case.” Was it Ari Fleischer?
  • Judy’s a screamer.
  • Wonkgirl puts it succintly: “It’s OK to be in bed with your source, but then you have to f— him.”
  • Howard Kurtz gets to the bottom of this:

      But all of that still doesn’t explain the intensity of emotion among those following every wrinkle of this unfolding investigation.

      Then it hit me. It’s the war, of course. We’re re-fighting the war through this case.

    Mickey Kaus says yes and no…
  • Miller says she will return to NYT next year. Will she be welcome?
  • Judy’s arch nemesis–Arianna Huffingtonrecalls a chance encounter…
  • Will Cheney resign?
  • Scooter Libby’s erotic touch.
  • It was only a matter of time: indictment bingo.